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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are plainly stated for the benefit of all involved. The intent is to remove grey areas so all parties understand the structure of any transaction agreed upon.


- Item(s) subject to prior sale without notification. Unless otherwise indicated in written form, RAX Enterprises Inc. reserves the privilege of offering the item(s) proposed to any other prospective buyers.
- RAX Enterprises Inc. accepts no responsibility whatsoever for delays due to customs procedures, weather and/or shipping schedules whether by land, sea or air.
- All additional unforeseen costs arising from customs procedures including (but not limited to) storage, relocation, disassembly for the purpose of inspection, etc. will be passed on to the purchaser. Any such additional charges must be paid in full before the release of any material can take place.

NOTE:RAX Enterprises Inc. has not, to date, ever had to "extra bill" for charges of this type.

- If an offer is of interest, RAX Enterprises Inc. can provide a detailed quote for delivery to any address on the globe specified by prospective purchaser. Pricing shown will not include disassembly/removal, washing, freight/handling, insurance, brokerage, taxes, duties or levies unless otherwise specified in written form.

NOTE:RAX Enterprises Inc. will not ship to, or from, destinations for which full insurance coverage is unavailable.

- Delivery (or F.O.B.) point, depending on the type of deal, will be plainly stated in written form.
- An approximation of the anticipated transit time will be plainly stated in written form.
- Anticipated lead time to availability for shipment, ex-current location, will be plainly stated in written form.
- Unless otherwise stated in written form, pricing offered will remain firm for a minimum period of 30 consecutive days from date of quotation. Any extension of this time period will be at the sole discretion of RAX Enterprises Inc..
- Where disassembly for shipment or a rebuild is necessary a deposit may be required with order.
- Payment is accepted in either Canadian or US dollars, at the buyers convenience.
- Exchange rates, where applicable, in effect at time of transaction will apply.
- Terms are "Payment in full prior to shipment" via wire transfer. RAX Enterprises Inc. does not operate with letters of credit or letters of intent.