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Locomotives and Trains

Old, new, common or rare


RAX Enterprises Inc. will help you find used and rebuilt locomotives, major components and attachments including (but not limited to) the following makes:

Alco - EMD - General Motors

RAX Enterprises Inc. will source not only regular suppliers of used and rebuilt locomotives, but will also use its extensive database of running AND decommissioned machinery to find used and surplus items. This includes:

- Diesel engines
- Traction alternators
- Traction motors including AC, DC and Switched Reluctance
- Combos
- Air compressors
- Auxiliary generators

If you do not see listed here the make, model or type of locomotives for which you have a requirement contact us as we have sources for more equipment makers, models and types than we can list here.

If you have surplus equipment, components or attachments for sale contact Dan Rachiele to have it marketed for you by RAX Enterprises Inc.