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About Us

Open since 2001 and operating from a base location in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, RAX Enterprises Inc. is actively involved in the sourcing of used mining equipment, attachments and major components. We source for all makes and types of mobile surface mining equipment including electric cable shovels, draglines, hydraulic excavators, mining trucks, wheel loaders, crawler tractors, motor graders, scrapers, rotary drills, and railway locomotives. We specialize in hard to find used and new parts.


RAX Enterprises Inc. has an excellent database for the North American continent, with reliable contacts in Western Europe and Australia/New Zealand. A concerted effort is ongoing to expand in these areas as well as to establish reliable links both in Southeast Asia and South America. Overtures have been made in Russia and on the African continent. Efforts to expand these parts of the network continue as a daily matter of course.

Management, sales and purchases are handled by Dan Rachiele. Administration, accounting and logistics are handled by Laura Rachiele. Each brings more than 40 years experience to bear on their respective responsibilities. We seek to provide complete customer satisfaction with professionalism, ethical standards and excellence of product knowledge.


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